We specialize in servicing small to medium sized businesses who wish to utilize technology in order to be competitive in today's market place. Many smaller businesses can't justify a full-time MIS staff and therefore aren't able to implement or maintain systems that would streamline and modernize their business. Comline Consulting is located in South-Eastern New England and services South-Eastern MA and all of RI. We can be reached at (508)761-5393

Who We Are
19 years PC experience. 12 years Networking experience.
     Comline Consulting has been in the PC field for 19 years, focusing on system administration, hardware, Network Operating Systems and Internet Solutions. We have both MCSE+i and CNA credentials.
We specialize in Network System Administration.
     Small companies historically have a need for outside expertise in order to maintain their current Networking environment. Comline Consulting has many years experience in Network Configuration and Administration.

FLASH! Animation
     We also offer FLASH animations, menus and other FLASH related graphical manipulation. If you'd care to see one of our FLASH introduction screens, please visit The 3KGT.COM introduction page. It shows an overview of many FLASH techniques. If you can imagine an animation, there's a very good chance it can be created with this product. FLASH's client browser "plugin" is extremely small and fairly ubiquitous at this point.


    Internet Access
    • Internet email
    • Web access

    Web Site Services
    • Domain Name services
    • Web Hosting
    • WebSite Construction
    • Custom Graphics
    • Search Engine placement
    • Ongoing maintenance

    System Configuration
    • Software Installation
    • Hardware Installation
    • Diagnostics
    • Repairs

    • NOS Selection
    • Netware Install/configure
    • Windows 2000 Install/configure
    • NOS Interoperability
    • CNA Services

    System Upgrades
    • Hardware Upgrades
    • Software Upgrades
Check out our website portfolio. Extensive use of Java and FLASH! allow us to put together a page that gets noticed. Big Blue Marble
Are you happy with your current Internet Solutions?
The Internic
Need help with your current Network infrastructure?
Novell Netware Microsoft Backoffice

We work with a reputable hardware retailer, excellent graphic artists and other field specialists in order to bring you a "Best of Breed" solution!

Checkpoint Technologies supplies one of the best Firewall solutions as well as integrated DNS/DHCP.
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