3KGT Showcase

3000GT VR4

     The Mitsubish 3000GT VR4 is one of the most technologically advanced automobiles on the planet. With twin turbos, all wheel drive, all wheel steering, ABS and many other tech goodies, the VR4 stands up to most of the "supercars" of its day.

     It's a shame that Mitsubishi pulled the plug on the 3000GT after the 1999 model year. They, like so many other automobile manufacturers, are now pumping most of their R&D money into SUV production. A Mitsubishi spokesperson actually said, and I paraphrase here... "Why should we put ourselves into the red in order to satisfy a very small group of fanatics?" Why indeed.

     Until you've actually driven a VR4, you can only imagine how immersive the experience actually is. I've driven Supra Turbos, RX7's and Nissan 300ZX Turbos as well as a modified race car and have never felt quite the same about those experiences. This car has attitude. A bunch of it.

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